Some Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Yes, It’s 100% legal! In South Africa, the constitutional court ruled that individuals can grow for their own Marijuana for personal consumption.  Rent a pot provides you with your very own private growing space and we manage the Cultivation on your behalf.

Upon signup each member leases a  fixed growing space within Rent a pot’s nursery, which is included in membership fee. The Rent a Pot`s Professional growers look after your plant from seed right through to harvest. Members are sent updates as the plants progress through their life cycle.

Rent a Pot limits each member to a maximum of four plants. This ensures that the amount of cannabis will be enough that there can be no doubt that it is for personal consumption.

From the time we receive a member’s feminised seeds until the time their plant is ready for delivery is around 6 months. This includes germinate, vegetate, flower and drying of your cannabis plant. It is imperative that only feminised seeds are provided, as any plants found to be male will be disposed of immediately and the potential crop wasted.

A member may cancel their subscription at any time by giving written notice to Rent a Pot. The member will not be charged from the following payment cycle at which point the membership expires.All Rent a Pot services will be honoured up until the point the membership expires.